American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
Welcome to the American Heroes of WWII Website.   We currently have 400+  original WWII uniforms in the collection, a minimum of one from each major unit and from all theaters of the war.  Included are 11 Armies, 23 Army Corps, 69 Infantry Divisions, 5 Airborne Divisions, 16 Armored Divisions, 16 Army Air Forces, 6 Marine Divisions,the 442nd RCT, 474 RCT, 158th RCT, FSSF, Kiska Task Force, Merrill's Marauders, 36th Combat Engineers, USS Lexington, USS Saratoga, USS Enterprise, Navy Seabees and the British Commonwealth. The pictures on this website are my own personal photos.  Feel free to use them for your own personal use but please do not publish them.  

Are you interested in a specific unit or theater of the war?  Click on any of the tabs located on the left hand side of this page and you will find 1000's of photos of individuals, uniforms, tanks, ships, airplanes and equipment.  The German section contains hundreds of photos of recipients of the Knights Cross.  7364 Knights Crosses were awarded during WWII.  In addition there were 890 awards of the Oak Leaves, 160 awards of the Swords, 27 awards of the Diamond Oak Leaves and 1 award of the Gold Oak Leaves. The British and Germans excelled at dressing up the military uniform.

This is a history site.  Dig deep into the site and get interested in preserving history.  

Ron Bushaw.