American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
LZXRAY Nov 1965LZXRAY Nov 1965Grunts hauling out the woundedTired trooper25th Infantry Division1st Cav LRRPLoad up and move outMarine resupplyHeading for a hot LZLooking for targetsPicking up the woundedHueysHey....we are down hereAir America evacuating SaigonJust a stroll in the park~You never, ever walked on the beaten path.Long Green LineM60 Machine Gunner with the 1st CavHal MooreBird hunting in the Mekong DeltaDak ToSunday patrol in the Mekong DeltaLZXRAY~Oh they comeIa Drang Valley~LZXRAYHal Moore in later yearsClaymore mine~I always thought it interesting that the Army had the manufacturer print This Side Towards Enemy on the cured surfaceBruce Snake Crandall being awarded MOH for action at LZXRAY~He continued to fly when no one else would9th Cavalry Tunnel RatsCheck the markings~Looks like a brown UPS TruckColonel Hal Moore~We were Soldiers~LZXRAYAction Dak To5th Battalion~2nd Marines in Hue 1968

Vietnamese Special Forces Jacket
LZXRAY Nov 1965LZXRAY Nov 1965LZXRAY Nov 1965Operation Hawthorne~Dak ToFast movers airstrike~You knew they were low when the jet exhaust burned the leaves off the trees and they fell on your helmet.1st CAV GruntCaptured AK47Mini gun on targetDrop and scatterHill top drop offMedevacIn the actionGruntsVC taking a breakAerial shot of the Vietnam Memorial WallHal MooreHal Moore and KIA LZXRAY~Note 7th Infantry Division patch on left shoulder for service in KoreaMartha Raye~Did you know she was an Army Reserve Nurse during the Vietnam WarBasil Plumlly and Hal Moore~Plumlly made all four combat jumps with the 82nd Airborne in WWIIChoppers on the groundCharlie Company arriving~LZXRAYMacho Man~M-60 readyHal Moore in 1965George S. Patton IV in Vietnam~Son of famous WWII General George PattonBoots on the groundBravo Company moving forward at LZXAY Nov 1965Lt Caley onf left~In command at My Lai~ Aubrey Danile on rightLoad up quickly and get off the groundActual shot of Hal Moore at LZXRAY Nov 1965Hot LZ~Move off quickly after deploymentBasill Plumley~1st Air Cav~LZXRAY 1965

1st Aviation Battalion JacketDuc Pho 1967Robert Foley~ MOHThe Last Patrol