American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
European TheaterGHQ~General Headquarters~Pacific~MacArthur's CommandGeneral Headquarters Reserve Forces~Basically a replacment depot to replace soliders KIA or WIA in front line unitsGround Forces Replacement CommandAllied Forces Headquarters~Medeteranian RegionArmy Service Forces~Handled distribution of all suppliesAlaska Forces CommandHeadquarters~South Atlantic Forces~Based in BrazilAustria Occupation Forces~ViennaHeadquarters~Middle East ForcesPanama Canal Zone Defense
ETOUSA~European Theater of Operations USAEuropean Theater of Operations~Advance BaseSHAEF~Supreme Headquarters Allied Expedionary Forces~Europe~Eisenhowers commandAleutian Islands CommandArmy Amphibious ForcesArmy~Far East ForcesHeadquarters~North Africa ForcesArmy Anti Aircraft UnitsChina Burma India Theater~aka CBIArmy Phillipine DivisionHeadquarters~Persian Gulf CommandHeadquarters~South East Asia Forces