American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
Lt Audie Murphy Replica~3rd Infantry Divison~MOH~DSC~SS~BS~LOM~Highest decorated US Combat Vet from WWIIUSA/Canada FSSF ~(First Special Service Forces) Elite Devils Brigade1st Cavalry Divison ~Asia Theater~Admiralties63rd Infantry Division~ Distinguished Service CrossEagle 71st Squadron~Lt Raymond Care Uniform~One of 244 Americans that served in the three British Eagle Squadrons prior to America's entry into the war.
82nd Airborne~ 508th PIR506th PIR ~101st Airborne ~D Day Vet~Band of BrothersRussian WWII Pilot
2nd Ranger Battalion ~ D-Day ~1st Wave Point du Hoc
506th PIR ~101st Airborne~ Pathfinder~ D-Day~ Vet1st Infantry Division~ D-Day Vet ~Distinguished Service Cross7th Armored Divsion ~Battle of the Bulge~ St VithReproduction Flying Tiger and VMF 214 Squadron~ Pappy Boyington MOHArmy Lt General Dress Whites~C.H. Green~ Distinguished Service Medal4th Armored Division ~Led Pattons 3rd Army to relieve 101st  at Bastogne