American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
SHAEF~Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Forces~On Eisenhower's staff.5307th Composite Group~Merrill's Marauders~W01321456~There were only 3000 Marauders36th Combat Engineers~Algiers Morocco~Tunisia~Sicily~Anzio~Rome Arno~Southern France~Rhineland~Alsace Ardennes~Central EuropeKISKA Task Force~Regiment of the FSSF that was sent to evict the Japanese from American Soil in the AleutiansFSSF~First Special Service Forces~Joint Canadian and USA elite unit474th RCT~Combination of the FSSF~Rangers~99th Regiment
Manhatten Project~Atomic Bomb Project-USA and Asia~Lyle PhelpsLedo Road~Corporal Fred Carr~Asia Theater~China Burma India~Built the Burma RoadArmy Amphibious Unit~Asia Theater158th RCT~Regional Combat Team~Asia Theater99th Infantry Battalion~Comprised of 1001 Americans of Norwegian decent~France~Belgium~Germany~Norway442nd RCT~T4 Mike Shiosaki~Japanese Americans