American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
1st Army Air Force~NE Continental US Theater3rd Army Air Force~SE Continental USA and Recruit Training5th Army Air Force~Asia Theater~Australia~Phillipines7th Army Air Force~Asia Theater~Gilbert and Marshall Islands~Okinawa9th Army Air Force~European Theater~D-Day~Sometimes call Pattons personal Air Force11th Army Air Force~Alaska and Continental USA13th Army Air Force~Asia Theater~South Pacific15th Army Air Force~ European Theater~ItalyFar East Army Air Force~AustraliaDAF~The Desert Air Force~North Africa
Army Air Force~Carribean Air DefenseIX Air Force Engineer Command~Built airbases for Fighter Support as the Armies advanced across EuropeAirborne Army Air Forces
2nd Army Air Force~NW Continental USA and Recruit Training4th Army Air Force~SW Continental USA and Recuit Training6th Army Air Force~Defended the Panama Canal ZoneMighty Eighth~8th Army Air Force~ European Theatre~Supported D-Day10th Army Air Force~Asia Theater~ China Burma Inda12th Army Air Force~European Theater~Algeria~Morocco14th Army Air Force~Asia Theater~China Burma India20th Army Air Force~Asia Theater~B-29's~Dropped the Atomic BombCBI~China~Burma~India TheaterMAAF~Mediterranean Allied Air ForceAirborne Troop Carriers- Supported the Airborne Divisions~Captain HerrickCaptain J.R. Stork~Doolittle Raid 1942~Co-Pilot of Plane #10Air Transport Command