American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
Reading the headlines on the OstfrontTiger tanks on the OstfrontAction in StanlingradPanzers in action in RussiaMG34 in action~decoded MG 34 means Machine Gun model 1934Tension on the front linesMost of the German Army moved by horse drawn equipment or by marching~Only the elite Panzer Units were fully motorized.Digging in at kurskBattle for Stalingrad
Snow Panzers~Russian winters are brutalThe battle for Stanlingrad was brutalDesperate times in Stanlingard~Surrounded and cut offMoving forward in Stalingrad~General Paulus eventually surrendered the entire German 6th Army to the Russians after being surrounded and cut off from help January 1943Panzers in action on the Eastern Front or OstfrontThe mud in Russia only relented when winter froze the ground.German trucks fight the never ending mud of the Russian SteppesCaptured German Officers at Executed in RussiaLeft to Lenningrad