American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
Jessica Rekos 6~Loved horses, Christmas presents this year were real cowboy boots and hat, per her parents she was smarter than the two of them combined.Noah Ponzer 6~A purposeful happy smiling boy with twinkling eyes~Wanted to be a Doctor, soldier and taco plant manager.Benjamin Wheeler 6~Loved his brother Nate, soccer, school and the 7 Subway to Sunnyside, Queens.James Mattioli 6~Loved the stables, baseball, basketball, swimming and arm wrestling.  Rumored to have been born a month early because he was hungry.Emilie Parker 6~Bright, creative and loving.  Always carried her markers with her so she could draw for others.Daniel Barden 7~Loved learning and was always willing to help others.  Wanted to be a firefighter.Charlotte Bacon 6~Loved the color pink and all animals.  Convinced her mother to let her wear her new pink dress and boots to her last day of school  on Friday.CarolinePrevidi 6~Sweet child who loved to draw and dance.  Was happy, innocent and loved the color pink.Avielle Richman 6~Mom and dad called her our little hummingbird.  Loved to groom her pony named Betty, going to the library, swimming and archery.  Had an infectious smile and laugh.Allison Wyatt 6~Loved her teachers and her family.  Loved to do random acts of kindness.  Wanted to be an artist and filled her house with pictures.Lauren Rousseau 30-Permanent substitute teacherVictoria Soto 27~First Grade Teacher.  Hid her angels in a closet and shielded them with her body.  Anne Marie Murphy 52~Special needs teacher.
Olivia Engel 6~Precocious, playfull and completely enduring~Great at math and reading.Josephine Gay 7~Loved the color purple, had a great sense of humor and an indomitable spirit.Jack Pinto 6~Loved football, the NY Giants, baseball, basketball, writing and snow skiing.  Had a lively and giving spirit.Jessie Lewis 6~Full of light and love.  Smart and compassionate with a infectious and radiant smile.Grace McDonnell 7~Beautiful and artistic.  Loved to paint and the beach.  Wanted to be an artists on Martha's Vineyard.Dylan Hockley 6~Fun loving active and artistic boy.Chase Kowalski 7~Loved baseball. Was fun loving and energetic.  Had a true love of life, and a infectious and radiant smile.Catherine Hubbard 6~Loved life, pets and the color pink.  Her smile was brighter than her red hair.Ana Marquez Greene 6~Incredibly loving and spunky kid who loved to sing and dance.  She danced everywhere she went.Madeleine Hsu 6~Her nickname was Maddy.  Just a sweet, beautiful little girl that loved life.Dawn Hochsprung 47~Sandy Hook Principal with a gift of love for her kids and school.Mary Sherlach 56
Rachel D'avino 29