American Heroes - Medal of Honor Winners
American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
Day, George Bud MOHDavid McCampbell MOHRobert Waugh 85th ID Italy MOHCharles Shea 88th ID MOHGeorge Sakato~MOHJohn Hawk MOHHerschel WilliamsGeneral Robert Galer MOHBarney JajiroRichard Bush

Melvin BiddleRobert Nett MOH
Oresko, Nicklaus MOHArthur Jackson MOHJames Connor MOHMajor Odell Conoley DSC on left~Lt Mitchel Paige MOH on right~After his platoon was all killed or wounded Lt Paige manned four machine guns and stopped an entire Japanese Regiment on GuadalcanalJefferson DeBlanc MOHDavid Ehlers MOHAudie Murphy MOHGeorge Sakato MOH 442ndVan BarfootJack Lucas

Lt Ernest Childers MOH ItalyVernon McGarity