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Bergen Belsen mass Grave #2Bergen BelsenBelsenJehovah Witness Coat PatchZyklon B CrystalsSS Guard Hans DahneGhetto Police ArmbandGhetto Messenger ArmbandConcentration Camp VictimsJews being loaded on railcars~It is doubtful that any of those pictured survived the war.SS Guard Rudolf Hackel at Dachau ~SS number 275 638DachauDachauWWII
WWIIJewish WWIIPatch and NumberConcentration Camp JacketDachu HatAuschwitzConcentration Camp Jacket

Bergen BelsenAuschwitz Front GateBelsenBelsen~German guards dispose of bodies under watchful British EyesZyklon B CrystalsSS Guard Peter MitschAuschwitz UniformConcentration Camp VictimsJews being loaded on BoxcarsThe Germans were sooooo organized~This chart decodes the meaning of the death camp color symbols.TreblinkaWarsaw GhettoGhetto StarID StarDachu ID patchBucheneald UniformAuschwitz Patch

Auschwitz Jude Star