American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
Wagner, Adolf ~ Led Beer Hall Putsch 1923SS Grupenfuhrer Theodore Eicke~Aka Papa Eicke~Killed Ernnst Rohm during the night of the long knives in 1934SA Leader Ernst Rohm~Hitler had Theodore Eicke kill him during the night of the long knives in 1934Heinrich Himmler~Father of the SS
General Guderian~Father of the Panzer CorpGeneral Felix SteinerField Marshall Keitelvon Manstein
SS General Kurt MeyerGoebbels~Minister of PropagandaHeinrich Himmler~Founder and leader of the SSAdmiral DonitzGeneral Blomberg

Jurgen StroopWerner von FritschBrauchtisch
Oberst Heinz Guderian~Father of the Panzer KorpOtto SkorzenyKlaus BarbieSepp Dietrich~Notorious as Hitler's SS HenchmanGeneral ManteuffelField Marshall Franz HalderField Marshall BockField Marshall von KleistObergruppenfuhrer Heydrich~Notably the most evil member of the SS~He was a well educated and played the violin.Werner von Rundstedt on left~Rommel on rightMussolini~Dictator of ItalyHermann Goering~ReichsmarshallAlbert Speer~Minister of ArmamentsDietrich with SS Liebstandarte

Himmler on left with Goering on right