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Replica~Feldmarschal Erwin Rommel~Poland~Holland~France~North Afrika~Italy~Normandy~WIA July 22, 1945
WWII German Motorcyle Division Jacket~The vet I purchased this from told me a group of Dutch kids stopped me from going down a road.  There is danger at the end.  They took my field jacket down the road and traded it to a German for his leather jacket.German Map~Captured from Generalmajor Fredrich Kussin's car by a British Airborne Trooper on September 17, 1944~Clearly shows the attack on St Vith, Battle of the Bulge, which did not begin until three months later on Dec 16th, 1944.
Colonel generalThis map was captured at Arnhem on Sept 17th, 1944 a full three months before the Dec 16th attack on St Vith.This map was captured at Arnhem on Sept 17th, 1944.  It clearly shows the planned German attack on St Vith scheduled for Dec 16th, 1944 aka the Battle of the Bulge