American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
German Para wearing camo helmet~Note the Airborne style para helmetMG 34 and K98Taking a short breakFocused on his taskPanzer at restGerman sharpshooterMoving to the frontGerman gun crewPara's take a prisoner in CreteSS 3rd Panzer divisionTotenkopf taking a break~Note the skull symbol on the flagGerman 88Infantry still moves by footOn the marchGerman troops in the Balkans1st SS Panzer Division Truck~Note the key symbol on the left fender1st SS Panzer Division HeadquartersGerman Paras CreteMotorcycle CorpStalingradGerman SignalsFalaise GapGerman 88 and TransporterDas Panzer
Graphic shot showing that war is hellGerman Artillery PieceMG 34 CrewAt the front~what am I doing here?Desert PanzerGerman BrownshirtsHitler's retreat after air attackSurrender at ReimsStand up tall so I can take a picture of youHappier timesStalingradMotorcycle TroopsSS Panzer OfficerGerman GravesPanzer GrenadiersFallschimjagerMeeting of the GeneralsCeremonial FormationSmoke breakGerman Tanks ready to attackMG 34 ~ Eastern FrontHappier TimesRifle SquadRefueling a Stuka J87Fallshirmjager~Paras