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Erwin RommelRommel inspecting DAKErwin Rommell photo with personal signatureRommelRommel~I meant what I said......RommelHitler~Rommel~MussoliniErwin Rommel Afrika KorpRommel with 15th Panzr Libya
Rommel Death Notice~You know that he was forced by Hitler to commit suicide on October 14th, 1944 don't you?Rommel on D-Day rushing back to the front.
Rommel's command vehicle which he named Max~This vehicle was acutally a captured British Dorchester command vehicle.  It galled the British to see him using it.Rommel at El AlameinRommel with British Prisoners 1940Rommel and Field Marshal von RundstedtRommel at El AlameinRommel and Field Marshal Baton for capturing TobrukRommel's Command Vehicle which he named MaxRommel too 1000's of his own photographs during the war
Rommel in France 1940Rommel at TobrukRommelRommel's Home in Ulm