American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
Houfflaize BelgiumSupplies arriving at Bastoge~The street looks the same today excpet the damage has been repairedVeterans of the Battle meet after the war ends.Supply drop on BastogneInfantry moving up at St VithSherman tank ready to fire during the battleGerman Self Propelled Gun during the battleColonel KIA during the battle somewhere in Belguim83rd Infantry Division during the battleKIA at BastogneTiger Tanks in the Ardennes
Houfflaize BelgiumDead GI with BAR in one hand and a grenade in the other17th Airborne trooper during the battleAerial phot of St Vith after the battle~The Germans surrounded and captured 2 regiments of the US 106th Infantry Division just east of St Vith on the second day of the battleSt Vith~The US 7th Armored gave the Germans a hell of a battle here.Crossing the river at MalmedyGerman Paras during the battleBazooka action during the Battle of the BulgeShermans on the road to Wiltz~I've been there~You begin to believe that you will have to go downhill forever to get to the bottom.Grave digging at Bastogne