American Heroes - Preserving WWII History
The anniversary of the drop is celebrated every year by thousands of Dutch citizens.Hendrik Bakker - Led British Paras to Arnhem Bridge on a MotorcyleEvery grave gets a flower with their name whispered to the wind by the childrenThanks for coming from America to see us.Airborne Cemetery Arnhem1st Polish Airborne Division Veteran Arnhem DropModern day 43rd Wessex SoldiersI won't miss the gaterhing as long as someone will bring me.Glider Pilot Regiment VeteranLet me stand up straight before you take my picture.Parachute drop on Geinkel Heath EdeThe Bridge
Schnoord Hotel site of the main British Medical Aid station during the battle
SAS Father and Son  (Special Air Service) Elite forces of WWIIFrank -Blown out of the church tower -Swam Rhine to safetyI'm ready to jump again.Polish Motorcyle Dispatch riders in EindhovenFrench Foreign Legion and 1st Airborne Vet.  Gave me his shoulder patch.Glider Pilot at Arnhem- Told me this is the only time he gets out any more.You're a bloody yank he tells me...what are you doing up here in Arnhem
Oosterbeek Laag Church Site of the Lonsdale Speech during the battle.Discussing the battleYou never know what you will meet on the streets of Oosterbeek6 of the 1500 Dutch children that place flowers on the graves each SeptPolish Airborne VeteransNo one in the Netherlands forgets